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A day on California’s Coastal Highway.


I was in a commercial for Stand with Servicewomen. Did you know that women in the military aren’t covered for abortions in cases of rape and incest…but a person that works for the federal government is?

With the high incidence of Military Sexual Trauma, this is disgrace and this needs to change.

This is my awesome friend Dottie, and she has something to tell you. Please pass it on!

I made this! I'm not allowed to keep it, though Smackdown! CRAZY EYES

I got a sewing machine, and this was my first project. Note that I was not allowed to keep it for long!

Cat-toy mouse, unbleached cotton muslin and black embroidery floss. The eyes are hand-embroidered french knots. Stuffed with catnip.


writing with my phoenix.


A day at the races

A Detroit jammer passing a Texan Detroit v Texas BAD v Windy City Two BAD girls dance through warm up Ivy Profane(BAD) speeds around the track

Pics from the 2011 Golden Bowl, hosted by the Bay Area Derby Girls.

Colors of summer

I-20 Mississippi River Bridge


Really, it is! (Taken with Instagram at Gold Dust Lounge)

Good philosophy.

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