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How should one go about sexting, then? Is there a correct way to do it?



Yeah you make sure it’s consensual and don’t ask dumb non-sexy shit like what their bra size is damn 

And if/when it does move on to pictures, be sure you have taken everything critiquemydickpic has ever posted to heart.

Honestly, it’s the best practical notes on the hetero female gaze I have ever seen in a non-body judgmental way. You can even apply the same tips to pictures *without* a dick in them.







Calming CAT!

oh my god it is calming

i think we could all use some calming cat right about now.

He’s back! Welcome back, calming cat. You are always welcome here.

Everyone should know of calming cat.

This is actually really good for anxiety

When I’m having a particularly stressful time, I put Calming Cat up on the biggest screen I can and just leave it on.

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g o r g e o u s 

Sailor moooooooon

feeling this

Welp. Changing my otakon cosplay!

Princess Serenity!! GORGEOUS

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like that post has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH RACE


white women’s asses are more acceptable than black women’s asses

when black women twerk it’s “ghetto” and “ratchet” and “slutty”

when white women twerk it’s a revolution! it’s art! it’s glorified!

and yes nicki makes sure she perverts…

My first and best whiskered companion is 14 now and starting to falter. Her tail and ruff are no longer as full and floofy as before, and she forgets many things, sometimes plaintively wailing for help remebering, on walking through the door. Will she have a place at the Birthday Unending? Will there be obnoxious kittens she is allowed to swat? Will she forget me? And how do I let her go? I am so scared.



Oh, honey, I am so sorry to hear that.

All cats have a place in the Birthday.  All of them.  There’s no need to even ask, because they live forever in our hearts.

I can’t tell you for sure whether she’ll forget you, but I can tell you that I had to let my Nyssa go six years ago, and sometimes I still wake up reaching for her, and I’m confused when the cats I find aren’t her.  I miss her so much.  I miss the way she purred, and the way she quacked, and the way she maliciously sneezed on everyone she didn’t like (which was everyone but me).  I miss them all, forever, and you’re going to miss her too.


You will fall in love again.  You will not love other cats in the same way, but you will love them, and it will be worth it.  It is always worth it.

I miss them all, so much, forever.  I love them all, so much, forever.

It was worth it.  It’s always worth it.

Don’t feel bad about being scared.  Fear is natural.  She’s going where you can’t follow for a very long time, and we don’t know what’s there.  But I know that if there is any kind of loving god in this universe, when we get to whatever “there” is, there will be cats, and dogs, and cake.  And maybe a corn maze.  But we shouldn’t go in there.

You have all my sympathy.  Give her scritches for me.  Tell her she is a good cat, and that you love her, and that you won’t blame her when she has to leave.  Try not to lie.  And love her.  If you have a day or a decade, love her.

That’s all we can do.

I miss him

I can’t find any diagrams of black/brown women’s vaginas (tw racism, misogynoir)


I’m teaching a sex ed series for the older girls at camp and I wanted to show them a typical diagram before we talk about what to expect at the gyno, but all the diagrams are of white women’s vaginas. The breast exam cartoons are all white women too. 


All of my campers are girls of color, so I want them to see a vagina that looks more familiar to them than these. I googled “vagina diagram african american” and a picture of a fucking gorilla came up. I’m so livid right now.

Please, if y’all know of any helpful resources, send them my way.









Hunting is so fucking disgusting. I don’t understand how people find satisfaction in killing another creature, especially for sport. It’s so violent. I mean, animals have lives, families, and FEELINGS too and they’re just trying to get by in their natural habitat. I’m sure it’s very terrifying to be murdered in a place where you think you are safe and free to live a happy life. It’s just so fucked up.

Do you actually know anything about wildlife or do you get all of your knowledge about animals form Disney movies?

Guess what, the wild isn’t like Disney. Wild animals do not feel safe, they spend their entire lives on the edge, watching for danger and jumping in fear at the slightest noise because they know something is always waiting to kill them at any moment. The struggle to survive means wild animals live in a near constant state of stress and fear.

Wild animals also don’t live peacefully into old age. Most wild animals die very young, either by being ripped apart and sometimes eaten alive by other animals, suffering through crippling injuries or disease, or starvation due to overcrowding (something that hunting prevents!) The wild is a cruel, violent place where only the toughest survive. Being shot by a hunter is about the least stressful and cruel way a wild animal can expect to die. 

not to mention in areas where apex predators have been eliminated, there is a serious need to cull deer populations so we can actually have some TREES left

Hunting is serious among the LEAST cruel things humans do to wild animals.
Compare the impact of hunters vs. the impact of ecological devestation caused by, say, building a small gated cul-de-sac of McMansions that no one can actually afford to buy…

not to mention, a huge amount of hunters are big backers of sound environmental policy!  they WANT there to be healthy populations of fish and game for a LONG time to come.  hunting can seem cruel to the general populace, but setting aside wild places as game lands has saved countless acres of valuable forest out here.  we NEED our hunters.

Yes, that. Hunting demands biodiversity in a way that animal husbandry does not.

I think it’s also worth adding that hunting has different cultural and class associations in different parts of the world.

If I say I’m “against hunting” I mean against the blood sports of the rich elite in the UK which these days usually means illegal fox hunting because fox hunting serves no purpose.

But in America you have lots more open space and wild life and dangerous predators like bears and mountain lions. As well as cultural traditions tied in with natives that need to be preserved. It’s a very different issue.

My in-laws hunt to put meat on the table, and that’s still true for a lot of people. It’s why my grandfather hunted. When you’ve got 8 kids, you do what you can. (Dad never got into it, he was more interested in surfing.) And even in Texas where we do so love our guns, you can’t just go hunt to your heart’s content. You get only so many deer tags in a season. I can’t speak to rabbit, white wings, or boar… though we have such a pig problem I think it may always be open season on them. I’ve heard the black bear population is finally coming back, though, and that should help. Boar does not taste good, anyway. Ultimately, here in Texas we do need hunters because we are missing a lot of our predators. Black bears, coyotes, jaguars and the other cats, none of them are what they should be. I’m not going to say that every hunter is a responsible hunter, but I will say we need them.

Where I’m from, people hunt to eat. There isn’t a local livestock ag tradition (just delta crops and tree farms), so many people get their major source of meat from hunting or fishing. The classism in the states around hunting is that it’s something poor/ignorant people do for fun and/or because they have to.

My hunter father (he hunts birds) and my vegetarian, ecologist father-in-law spent an entire happy week in the woods over Christmas this year looking at birds and discussing various conservation tactics. They come to conservation from two different points, but arrive at the same place. 

Responsible population management through hunting is a crucial part of maintaining our wild spaces and biodiversity.


Like I’m 10 years old all over again…


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I’ll be ok. I just need time to be sad.

10 word story  (via forebidden)

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A better place by *TorqueArtStudio

Death from The Sandman.

oh *kitty*. I think this may be the most reassuring thing I’ve ever seen about the death of a pet.

The cat of my heart died today after a short illness. I am both devestated and relieved he didn’t suffer more. He would have been 13 next month.

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